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Bespoke Suiting

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A suit reflects the man who wears it

A bespoke suit from Berel & Co. instantly attests that its wearer is a man of distinction and classic taste.

Made to match his every contour, a custom-tailored suit bestows upon its wearer a feeling of supreme confidence that he is dressed perfectly for any occasion. Before we cut a single piece of fabric for your suit, we take more than 25 specific measurements of your body. Next, we create a custom pattern that matches your body exactly and stitch every element of the suit by hand — ensuring the resulting garment fits you perfectly in every way.

Choose from thousands of fabrics from the world’s most storied mills and regions, like Biella in Italy or Huddersfield in England, as you create a suit that is always comfortable and never goes out of style — just like you.

Bespoke Suiting