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Old world traditions. Modern experience

Berel & Co.’s roots lay in London’s Savile Row and the alleyways and piazzas of Milan, where the ancient traditions of haberdashery and bespoke suiting were born. Founder & Chief Executive Berel Rapoport has long been inspired by these storied places and the rich sartorial legacy written on their every brick and cobblestone. He founded Berel & Co. to bring these timeless customs to the doorstep of discerning gentlemen in the U.S.

Menswear should embody the man who wears it. That’s why every suit, jacket, pair of trousers, and shirt that we sell is stitched by hand using old-world techniques— the sleeves are set by hand, while the inner canvas is worked until it’s soft and supple. And our expansive collection of the world’s finest fabrics and materials puts a universe of choice and unrivaled luxury at your fingertips. This means that just like you, each suit has a unique personality, which matures and grows more appealing with each wear.