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Escaping Winter: 5 Must-Have Accessories for the Upcoming Season

May 27, 2017

Let’s continue our conversation regarding your 2017 closet. If you’ve just joined in, please feel free to check out our previous post on the essentials you’ll need to master unapologetically classic style.

So now that you’ve set the canvas with your staple wears, it’s time to fill in the details. This time, we’re picturing some warm-weather accessories for the upcoming season to turn our minds to something other than this cold weather. Here’s our sartorial advice on 5 must-have accessories you’ll need soon:


Pocket Squares

Pocket squares serve as the visual counterpoint to your outfit. These will especially come in handy when wearing more playful and colorful sport coats. The patterns and colors shouldn’t stray too far from the theme of your attire, but should contrast enough to tastefully express your personality.

White and burgundy are the only colors we’d consider staples. White is necessary for formal events and ceremonies, and burgundy for its robust color and versatility. Burgundy complements the staple blues you are wearing now, and soon, your brighter, warm-weather attire. If you’re attending a business meeting or some other conservative occasion, we advise taming your burgundy pocket square with a straight fold. Otherwise, go with a puff fold, as it expresses confidence and reveals more details.

Other than that, pocket squares are almost limitless and depend entirely on your preference. Finding the perfect balance can be quite the daunting task, especially with so many occasions and dress codes to consider. A great way to begin wearing pocket squares is by matching them with a minor color in your outfit, such as the stripe of your dress shirt or pattern of your tie. To ensure a dapper composition, we advise you to try all possible combinations in front of a mirror prior to your intended occasion.




As much as we love attending Black Tie events and wearing monochromatic attire, we are also eager to pull out our livelier apparel — especially ties. For the remainder of winter and looking forward to spring, we suggest two knit ties for a touch of sophistication on business casual days. One should be a solid color, and the other a pattern such as contrasting stripes.

When the warmer days start to brighten your mood, they should also brighten the colors and patterns of your ties. However, remember to maintain a balance as you did with your pocket squares. The more eccentric your tie, the more neutral your sports coat should be. When it comes to the size and fabric, we recommend going with a timeless 3-inch silk tie, as it matches anything from a casual shirt to a three-piece suit.


Your trousers rise up approximately 5” when you sit down. Think about the impression you’ll be making during these candid moments, and choose your sock patterns accordingly. Your goal should be to have at least ten pairs of knee-length socks in your wardrobe.

Go with dark, solid colors when equipping your black Oxford shoes. Otherwise, almost anything goes with your brown brogues, as they will work with any pattern or color. The main points of focus that need to harmonize are your socks and pants. Follow a similar approach to the contrast technique we discussed in the pocket squares section. For example, this pair of purple socks with circled patterns of a similar palette provides a smooth transition from your trousers down to your brogues.

Also, avoid characterless white socks, unless you are going to the gym.