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Living Legend: How to Dress Like Timeless Fashion

September 5, 2017

“Well-dressed men know that nothing worthwhile is ever outmoded, that a superb tailor’s work is ageless.” – Finis Farr

If there’s one thing we know, gentlemen, it’s that fashion is always in style. No matter the season or the year, a sense of classic design and dapper aesthetics are the hallmarks of our style confidence. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe or looking to begin your sartorial journey, consider the charm of timeless fashion to guide you into legendary style status.

Classic Hollywood
The looks of classic Hollywood gents are always timeless. They serve as a reminder of what tailored elegance once was and what it should still strive to be. Most of our most iconic looks come from this era – and from the gents that wore the looks – both on and off screen. Whether formal or casual, Hollywood has long known what passes for dapper.

Your takeaway:
1. Delve deeper into Hollywood’s history with fashion. Legends like Marcello Mastroianni, Paul Newman, Cary Grant, James Dean, Steve McQueen, Rudolph Valentino, and others can both inspire and teach you how to dress.
2. Caring about how you look is both timeless and fashionable.
3. Cultivate your own sense of style.
4. Invest in custom tailored suits. If the suit reflects the man who wears it, as they say, then the fit is the most distinctive element. Going with traditional colors, like charcoal and navy, reveals an expert understanding of timeless style. For warmer seasons, go with a more uncommon color, like sand.
5. Denim is still in. A white tee shirt and jeans never hurt James Dean.
6. Cable knits and turtlenecks are always classy.
7. If you can, go double-breasted. It worked last century, and now we are seeing its comeback.
8. Be bold. Be fearless. You’re iconic after all.


The Tuxedo, 007
Sir Roger Moore, who sported some of James Bond’s most influential silhouettes and who passed away in May of this year, is always a good go-to for timeless fashion. Moore understood the importance of a good tailor and haberdasher; he brought in Douglas Hayward and Cyril Castle from Savile Row to custom make his Bond ensembles (which he also wore off camera). While it’s true that each iteration of James Bond is all about exclusive tailoring and luxury (except for the strange, frilly shirts of the George Lazenby years), Moore’s natural inclination toward fashion is evident in how comfortable he is in a tux, ebony or ivory.


What you can learn:
Style isn’t always about what you wear; it’s also about how you wear it. James Bond wasn’t just standing around in his tailored suits. He was out driving fast cars, fighting the bad guys, and he looked good and comfortable doing it all. Confidence is the most timeless aspect of fashion.

Always Accessorize
Every gent needs his accessories to reflect to his style and sensibilities. James Bond has his gadgets, Michael Caine has his thick glasses, and Cary Grant had his shoes, hats, and ties. Here are our top timeless accessories to complete your classic look: 1. A variety of ties: Don’t just limit yourself to one style, pattern, or color. Try out different bold prints, widths, and lengths. Go for bowties as well.
2. Sunglasses: From Aviators to Wayfarers, blocking out the sun never looked so cool.
3. The wristwatch: Get one you can wear forever. You’ll never not need to tell time.
4. The coat: Own at least one of every classic style. From the trench to the shearling, you’ll always need outerwear.
5. A good belt.
6. Boots, brogues, oxfords, loafers, and espadrilles. Period.
7. Tie pins and cuff links. Sometimes you’ll need both.