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Summer fashion

Navigating Wedding Season: A Gent’s Guide to Summer Formal Wear

July 28, 2017

Summer may mean unforgiving heat, but it is also the season for some of the year’s most anticipated events. Whether attending an outdoor wedding, gala, or dinner party — it’s important to prioritize dapperness, and staying cool while doing so. Looking good is a celebration, so as you toast to special occasions, raise a glass to impeccable summer fashion statements that will impress everyone — here’s how.

Ditch the heavy materials, gents — more fabric weight isn’t necessary for structured looks, especially during the year’s warmest months. Unnecessary layering will leave you feeling heavy and sweltering — which is the last thing you need when celebrating a special occasion. Don’t let your wardrobe steal away your comfort. Tropical wool is an ideal option for creating structured shape that can easily be dressed up with accessories. A flax- or cream-colored linen suit is light as air and absorbent, making it the perfect choice for a daytime wedding or summer polo match. And unless the wedding invite says black- or white-tie, leave the tux at home, gents. Attention comes naturally with a well put-together suit and confidence to match; there’s no need to overdress.

As seen at Pitti Uomo.

For the modern gentleman, formal wear doesn’t equal stodginess. Let your summer formal wear reflect your originality by creating visual interest with prints and patterns. Some traditions are meant to be upheld, but throwing out the rulebook occasionally is an art form to be mastered by any revolutionary and stylish man. Opting for a floral printed pocket square or a bold tie adds a subtle accent to any suit that goes a long way in sealing your distinctiveness.


For those steamy summer evenings, when the black-tie gala events demands your attendance, stay cool in a seersucker tuxedo. Tropical fabrics can be used for inventive takes on formal traditions, and your body temperature will thank you. Seersucker’s distinguishing striped pattern gives an Old Hollywood look that’s unexpectedly refined and refreshing, when paired with classic peak lapels and a bowtie. Effortless vintage glamour and class is something to be commended.

As you’re frequenting the hottest (literally) events of the year, be sure to always keep grooming in check. The ’stache should remain trimmed and neat, while the hair on your head should be slick. A classic comb back is simple and elegant. Don’t go overboard on product though — there’s nothing worse than globs of melting gel under a beaming sun ruining your tailored suit. Following an essential grooming routine that addresses skin, hair, and facial hair should be practiced and implemented daily. And don’t forget to dab the wrists and back of the ears with a light summer scent that keeps you feeling and smelling fresh during those extra sunny days.

As seen at Pitti Uomo.

As the champagne flows during those warm summer days and evenings, be sure to sport lighter materials as easy flowing as the Dom. Tropical wool, seersucker, and linen are your trusty summer staples. Remain comfortable and refined all season long, and don’t be afraid to add a twist to traditional formal wear with creative accents. Explore your sartorial territory at your next celebration and toast truly dapper and inventive summer style.