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Summer fashion

Seven Wonder Suits of Summer

June 19, 2017

The summer season affords every gent the opportunity to expand his sartorial horizons. Vibrant hues, light weaves and textures, and different fits allow for every mood and personality to shine through any summer wardrobe. As the temperature rises, it’s important to find suits that help you stay cool — and look even cooler. Never compromise your appearance because of the forecast; dapperness is to be displayed all year long. We’ve complied a list of summer suit staples to help you do just that.


The Classic Linen Suit ⤴

The key to looking put-together and remaining cool during the summer is all in the fabrics. Linen is one of the most breathable and lightweight materials that exudes effortless class. Appropriate on a yacht or in the boardroom, linen offers a unique sense of versatility during the warmer seasons of the year. For an elegant look and comfortable feel, opt for a classic linen suit this summer. A two-buttoned slim-fitting suit is an appropriately dapper option that exudes an air of continental sophistication.


All White Everything  ⤵

We are post-Memorial Day and fully embracing the white suit for several reasons. White helps you stay cool, stand out, and molds well to almost any summer affair. Whether you are grabbing cocktails at a beachfront venue, attending an outdoor summer wedding, or lounging around a resort — the all white suit locks in summer refinement without appearing conventional. Try a white or cream-colored hopsack jacket to stay cool during elegant summer affairs.

The “All Eyes on Me” Suit

A pop of color here and there is necessary during the summer months — cathartic even. Being a dapper gent means knowing the rules, but breaking them every now and then to your aesthetic advantage. Letting the maverick come out to play during the summer months with a boldly vibrant suit or patterned ties almost guarantees sartorial success. Pairing a richly toned suit blazer with tailored cotton linen trousers will have you effortlessly standing out from the crowd of subdued tones.


The Floral Suit ⤴

Look like a work of art and make a bold statement with ornate, floral patterned suit accents. Summer is about adventure, so why not translate it into your wardrobe? For a put-together look that’s also fashion forward, we recommend gradually incorporating peeks of floral to your dress shirt, blazer, or tie. If you feel so compelled to go for a head-to-toe floral look, just make sure the patterns are consistent. Bloom into summer with a floral-accented cotton poplin shirt or a silk flower-patterned tie.

The Tropical Wool Suit ⤴

Who says wool is only for the winter? When it comes to wearing the fabric in the summer, it’s all about going tropical. Larger gaps in the weave allow for more effective moisture evaporation. It’s less dense than traditional wool, but still maintains more structure than cotton and linen suits. To remain professional for those summer board meetings, sporting a tropical wool suit is the classiest way to go.

The Controversial Suit ⤴

To shorts or not to shorts? Although the idea of suit shorts won’t resonate with every gent, we fully endorse the look. In general, when constructing the perfect summer look, it’s all about putting the right pieces together and confidently sporting it. Not only will the right tailored shorts keep you cool, but the eccentricity the look provides is refreshing and even innovative.


The Seersucker Suit ⤴

The signature lightweight, slightly crinkled look of seersucker allows for any distinguished gent to stand out while keeping cool. The distinctive stripes and unique cotton fabric has seersucker rising in the menswear world as a must-have summer staple. Although it’s not as versatile as linen (its style cousin) in terms of where you can wear the look, it still affords many opportunities to sport it, like summer vacation adventures and dress-down days at the office.

A gentleman should never make sacrifices when it comes to his wardrobe — even during the year’s warmest months. Mastering the art of beating the heat with refreshing grace separates the average man from the truly dapper gentleman.