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Summer fashion

Setting the Right Frame for Summer

June 11, 2017

A significant aspect of sartorial success is mastering the art of gracefully transitioning to new seasons. Any well-dressed gent understands that while each season ushers in unique fashion trends to navigate, classic elements of style are never out of place. Although every season has its fashion challenges, summer can perhaps be the most difficult to conquer.

As the beaming sun rolls in, many people’s priorities shift from “how do I look my best?” to “how do I stay as cool as possible?” The leisurely air of summer may tempt one to diminished aesthetic efforts. A gentleman, however, manages to remain dapper year-round. Here are some tips to set the right tone for superior summer looks and beat the heat while remaining sophisticated.

Look to Linen

Linen is undisputedly a gent’s summer staple. It gives an air of effortlessness, while maintaining a sense of style. The natural fibers and low thread count are ideal for optimizing those necessary summer breezes. Whether you are opting for a linen shirt to balance out a more casual look or going for an impeccably tailored, looking to linen is imperative for a successful summer wardrobe.

Embrace Color

Nothing says summer more than the exuberance of colorful and bold hues. Add pops of color to reinvigorate your wardrobe and match the vitality the warmest season brings. Whether it’s an accent piece like a vibrantly-hued tie with your summer suit or a bolder choice such as a pair of yellow chinos — expanding your palette will make you feel ready for warm weather adventure.

The Ocean View

When the heat rolls in, people instinctively head to the nearest body of water. Bring the nautical vibe to your wardrobe and inspire a new level of cool. Navy blue blazers, crisp white-on-white, and  serve up relaxed refinement. Not to mention, Old Hollywood greats such as James Dean and Cary Grant sported the look, helping to lock it in as a timeless go-to for men to show off confidently.

Smell like a Gentleman

Every gent has his own signature smell. As the seasons get warmer, update your grooming and select lighter, cleaner scents to help keep you cool and smelling fresh. Think of summer scents as a linen suit — light, effortless, and never overbearing. Citrus notes such as lemon and grapefruit add an element of crispness perfect for the heat.


Shades of Style

The future is bright, but be sure to protect your eyes while enjoying the sun. The right pair of sunglasses adds a chic element to any summer wardrobe, but it’s important to select the right pair to properly complement your look. Simple, classic frames, like these Gucci shades will never go out of style, and this guide to definitive celebrity looks is sure to inspire.

Summer style is cool, fresh, and confident. Get your summer wardrobe in shape by sporting classic, timeless elements and incorporating brighter hues into your daily ensembles.

For summer suits, trousers, and blazers, custom design and tailoring are by far the greatest solutions to helping you dress with confidence. For further inquiries about what to wear this season, contact us today at Berel & Co. and discover more about developing your options. Stay cool, gents.